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Different Ways to Create Special Effects

February 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Whether you’re working in a one room theater, or a grand Broadway stage, special effects and the tools to create them are essential for an awe-inspiring scene. StageSpot has everything your crew needs to create the perfect set.

“It was a Dark and Stormy Night” – Bulwer-Lytton

Dimming the lights isn’t quite enough to capture the terror and isolation of an incoming storm. However, there are several ways to keep the audience shivering. Adding fog and haze is an impressive way to create mood, while emphasizing the night, and it’s as easy as getting a fog machine and the best fluid for your needs. Pair that with stage lighting, and you have the perfect stormy scene.

For particularly cold scenes, a snow machine might be your best bet. Whether you’re looking to create a light dusting or a massive storm, StageSpot has the perfect machine for your scene. You can also opt for the “just fallen look,” and simply place artificial snow on staged cars and doorsteps.

“Voiceless it Cries, Wingless Flutters, Toothless Bites, Mouthless Mutters” – Tolkein

When characters are taking a stroll, nothing better emphasizes the outdoors than a light breeze playing through their hair. Heavy winds, especially when combined with snow or haze, can emphasize panic and chaos at a pivotal point in the scene. Regardless of the strength of the gusts, StageSpot has the perfect fan for you. Ranging from hurricane fans to all-purpose special effects fans, you’re sure to find the tools that bring your scene together.

“Sane Is Boring” – Salvatore

In many performances, madness, or at least some element of inner panic during an aside, is a crucial plot point. Directors often want the setting to reflect the emotions of the moment, but it’s not always apparent how to achieve this. One great method is installing gobo lighting. These attachments can twist the lights into different shapes, patterns, and even graphics. For a particular scene, you can create custom gobos or check out some of the already made shapes available.

“And a Special Thanks for Not Burning Up the Whole Ship. Including Yourself, You Daft Bum-rag.” – Westerfield

Whether it’s fire, lightening, or sunsets, there’s some things that just can’t be replicated on stage. Or so it was thought. In addition to great geometric designs, gobos and stage lighting gels also allow rainbows, flickering fires, and scenic views. Just about anything that uses light or heat can be replicated with the right tones and gobos.

“Double, Double, Toil and Trouble” – Shakespeare

You don’t need to be working on this famous cauldron scene to know that sometimes things bubble over. From sexy hot tube moments to childish playgrounds, bubbles or foam can add just the right touch. With StageSpot’s bubble makers, you can have just a few playful pops or a full dome of foam.

For the perfect effects for your stage, contact the professionals at StageSpot. With years of experience, they can match your needs with the ideal theatrical supplies, making your theater ready for any play.